The fashion brand that caught everyone’s eyes

We all come from somewhere…. Before we people realise that you exist,well it takes you time, resources…hardwork, smartness to make it to the top.

Well this is for brands…. There’s marketing… Both in the media… And everywhere else… Enough of that though. Today, I wanted to talk about off-white.. This is a brand that has made me go gaga about like from their apparels to accessories.

Off-white since their launch.. And their brand items flowing into the fashion world… It’s by unexpected surprise that everyone accepted it with both arms excitingly that they’ve made extremely good sales.

Wondering what I’m talking about or what this off-white looks like don’t worry I got you :

Don’t you be afraid to accessorise with either a belt made from off-white or their clothing both for males and females… It’s all about adding taste and chicness­čĹîto that look…


African prints

If I’m allowed to say this, I think this is the most worn fashion trend that people from all over the world indulged into… And loved it…. It having that African theme in it….. The chic, fashion, trendy,…. Classy.. It has been since it was brought in by the African fashion designers…

I find African prints… One of the trends that you can play around with in terms of styling and all that… Easy to go with….anywhere. This is another fashion trend that I think is never going to be forgotten by people anytime soon.

The African prints can be printed…. Or embroidered for you depends how you want it….. Lemne say it’s pocket friendly and yeah… It brings out that fashion statement…

Rock that Denim

It’s cool to say, Denim is a fabric that suits everyone in the world. Denim is probably the trendiest and easiest way to add class to your wardrobe/closet. Just because it’s traditional doesn’t mean you can’t rock it to that event or lunch/dinner date you wanted to look stylish for…

I think it’s time to up your denim game and it has been one of my favourite trend this season from runways to everywhere in the world.

There’s so many options in rocking denims…. Well you can rock denim on denim…. Which it’s a little bit tricky but if done correctly the infusion will be perfect and gorgeous.

Wanna try this look for denim on denim

For ladies: ladies you can put for denim sweatpants, ultra cuff, ornate embellished denim, Asymmetrical, Deconstructed denim, Low slung jeans, not forgetting mom jeans

For men:

Double denim, nineties &white, Jeans:skinny or slim cuts…..and distressed denim.

And please do not forget that denim will forever be a fashion trend to be emulated by everyone who comes across it and it’s a big part of our closet and this ain’t changing anytime soon….

Accesorise with a Beret…

Over the years fashion has evolved in many ways because someone somewhere in the world has seen the need to improvise or rather come up with now world’s best fashion trends that make you pop up… it in a crowd, that outdoor party or event ,photo shoots name it all.

Berets have been worn by our grandparents over the years when at their time they were teens but now they are back and you know what you too can rock it.

The classically timeless Wool Fashion Beret in a wide assortment of colors. Sleek and simple, this seamless wool beret is topped with a small tonal tassel. Wear it tilted to either side of your head, centered or towards the back – the Wool Fashion
Beret adds a touch of effortless French flair to your look.


1.Who is Churchill?
Churchill is a young talented, vibrant,hard working young man,born and raised in Nakuru and I am so much into style and fashion yeah.

2.When did you realise you had the passion for fashion?
Ever since growing up being young, I always wanted to rock cool stuff…you know..then again around your teenie age you’re pressured to wear according to the latest trends..yeah so my passion for fashion definitely.

3.What really sparked your interests in fashion?
Ok..well…my interest for fashion is majorly based from celebrities I so much admire..lets say men in expensive tuxedo suits and ladies in awesome designed outfits.

4. Whom do you look up for motivation and inspiration?
I look up to great designers from the likes of kanye west of the yeezy shoeline, Givenchy , Louis Vuitton , Dolce Gabana, Good American by Khloe Kardashian and many more.

5. Who are some of your favourite designers , fashion writers and fashion blogggers?
Here in kenya I love John Kaveke a great fashion designer with delicate fusion in fashion, the likes of Sharon mundia, Joy Kendi, Stella Charles, Lisa Gaitho, Diana Machira who are awesome fashion bloggers and many others.

6.What are the Challenges you face as an upcoming fashion blogger?
I can say challenges are part of life in order to make it to where you want to be…so far I can say the driving traffic to ones blog post , over expecting and demotivation and the impression people feel that blogging has to be so organised, professional and planned.

7.What’s exciting to you about the fashion Industry?
I can say what’s exciting is that every day someone somewhere in the world as a designer is thinking of coming up with great designs and fashion trends for people worldwide to embrace.

8.Which celebrities have the best style to you?
Beyonce, Rihanna , Blake lively , Celine Dion , kendall & Kylie Jenner, The Kardashian sisters…Kanye West, Idris Elba , A$AP ROCKY, Ryan Reynolds , Pharell William the list is endless.

9.What are your best fashion themes?
I can say from chaos to couture.

10. What can you say to upcoming bloggers?
I can say to all the upcoming bloggers be focused, determined …work smart on your contents and let’s make it big and better.Thank you

11.Where can people find you social media wise?
Facebook- ChurchillBriggs , Instagram@ Iamchurchill_ , Snapchat@ I.amchurchill

Does what you wear describe you??

Everyone loves dressing to impress oneself or the rest of the crew…regarding what you feel like but fashion has evolved in the way that dress codes can also describe you….
They say image tells it all and it also matters a lot…. Seriously I don’t expect some guy to be popping up at the office where he works with some denim jeans… Hehehe unless he is the C.E.O but for office purposes the dress code has to be official or smart casual.
In this 21st century fashion ,A person who dresses well is an individual with a good dresing sense and an attractive and confident personality. Generally, we identify the dressing of an individual by their clothes and their quality. We beleive that a person with a good pair of clothes or the latest fashionable clothes are those with a good dressing sense but its totally wrong. Even a guy with 3-4 pair of clothes can dress with an utmost decency if he takes care of his clothes and iron them regularly. A good dressup can make ur physical level inadequacies as ur powerful point if done in synchronisation of your body image. An ideal dressing sense can help you to influence others in favour of you.

And as always remember to stay true to yourself cause in and out you’re beautiful….

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