Does what you wear describe you??

Everyone loves dressing to impress oneself or the rest of the crew…regarding what you feel like but fashion has evolved in the way that dress codes can also describe you….
They say image tells it all and it also matters a lot…. Seriously I don’t expect some guy to be popping up at the office where he works with some denim jeans… Hehehe unless he is the C.E.O but for office purposes the dress code has to be official or smart casual.
In this 21st century fashion ,A person who dresses well is an individual with a good dresing sense and an attractive and confident personality. Generally, we identify the dressing of an individual by their clothes and their quality. We beleive that a person with a good pair of clothes or the latest fashionable clothes are those with a good dressing sense but its totally wrong. Even a guy with 3-4 pair of clothes can dress with an utmost decency if he takes care of his clothes and iron them regularly. A good dressup can make ur physical level inadequacies as ur powerful point if done in synchronisation of your body image. An ideal dressing sense can help you to influence others in favour of you.

And as always remember to stay true to yourself cause in and out you’re beautiful….

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